Your library provides critical resources and services to support every member of your community.18luck客户端 will take your resources to the next level and support your library as we do so.

The 18luck客户端 Learning Suite combines online tutoring,homework help,and test preparation with powerful diagnostic tools and self-study resources to provide a well-balanced and flexible educational environment designed to meet the individual needs of all learners.[Learn More]

Equal Education

Effective educational support,regardless of socioeconomic status. "No one has been able to explain trigonometric functions so that I can understand them before now.This service is really helpful for me because my family can't afford a 18luck客户端tutor to help me.Thank you.:“) - 10th grade geometry student;AZ public library patron

Fearless Education

One-to-one support,不用担心被审判。 “我真的很喜欢导师如何帮助你理解和解决问题,18luck客户端not just tell you the answer.It really has helped me a lot.Also,some kids may be self-conscious about asking for help from other adults as they think it makes them look dumb.But this is anonymous and it helps them without making them feel bad about themselves.I really like this program.5 stars!" - 8th grade math student;CA public library patron

Continuing Education

College and career readiness support,终身学习 "I'm thankful that the library offers this service.As a … Community College student having this service is invaluable to me in helping me reach my goal of getting an Associate in Arts degree." - Adult mid-level math student;IN public library patron

18luck客户端 has partnered with public libraries since 2002 and understands the needs and concerns of our library partners.Our experience with and dedication to libraries makes launching,growing,and sustaining a 18luck客户端 program easy.

Program Launch

Simple to follow,step-by-step guidance gets your program up and running quickly. “从彻底的实施计划来看,对优秀的营销和促销支持,and attention to the continuing needs of LAPL,18luck客户端 has continually imparted the highest quality of service and customer support." - Los Angeles Public Library

Marketing Support

Hundreds of marketing tools and best practices makes building awareness easy. "We've had a really great experience with all the people there.I appreciate all the client support and the care taken with updating the promotional materials.我认为Tutor18luck客户端.com比我们合作过的任何其他地方(在电子资源供应商方面)都做得更好。- Forest Park Public Library

Library Advocacy

18luck客户端 is committed to supporting the missions of public libraries through advocacy and action.We are a proud member of ALA,PLA,YALSA and CCLi as well as a corporate sponsor and partner of EveryLibrary and a participant in ALA National Library Legislative Day.